JM&D Ltd supply a comprehensive range of fast moving food and beverages to major wholesalers.

Their operation was split between two geographically separate sites
• Office space in one location
• Third party warehouse space at a location approximately 10 miles away

The fast moving nature of the operation and separate locations often made the checking of goods difficult and would result in different staff making multiple journeys between the offices and warehouse which would waste valuable time that is better used on other key tasks.

The Distribution element of the operation was split between various transport suppliers and was booked on an ad hoc basis.

Following a detailed review by McCarthy Distribution Ltd the following, fully integrated service
was proposed to JM&D Ltd where McCarthy Distribution Ltd would provide the following:

• Warehousing services
• Office space on the same site
• All Distribution and Haulage requirements

This resulted in a more efficient operation where JM&D Ltd staffs time was not absorbed into non core tasks.

This approach also provided considerable cost savings to JM&D Ltd.

“McCarthy Distribution Ltd carried out a detailed review on our behalf on a non commitment basis.
They listened to our issues and proposed straight forward logical solutions.
The approach was open and honest and they were extremely easy to deal with, I like the way they do business”.

Dan Hassall – Owner of JM&D Ltd